11 tips that will help you win digital in 2015

We got together, and spoke with a few brand leaders on what can brands do to refresh their brand stories in 2015.  Take a peek:


Content as a driver of conversations – no matter whether it is print, or radio, or TV, or digital, all content will be focussed on driving conversations on digital. Digital, powered by its inherent virality, and backed by fast-growing media spends, will be the reach multiplier for campaigns. Interestingly we wil also see campaigns that go viral then splashed on other media for ‘even more mass’ reach (and even more virality online).


The return of ‘Real’ to real-time content – real depth and impact/ real brand stories (for publishers and marketers respectively), and not just need for speed and sexy copy, make a comeback as readers get wary of what lies beyond land-grabbing and link-baiting techniques of publishers and marketers, which ran amok all through 2014. 


Iterative Content – Plot.Plan.Write.Repeat. Powered by technology, quick analysis of real-time conversations and trends on-the-go, content creation and curation by marketers will finally deliver iterative content – changing plots, outcomes et al. Stories that breathe. 

b-in control

Owned Digital Assets make a comeback – from “Why do I need a website of my own when I am on Facebook?”, back to owned content platforms and native mobile apps. The need to connect, as also owning data, insights, and customers, is getting brands to invest again into owned assets. The trend will only gain further strength in 2015.

b-the futurist

Future-gazing will be in demand – the ability to look down the world with zoom lenses, zooming back up; seeing patterns which others cannot and connecting invisible dots, in near-real time, and deliver actionable insights. Elections 2014 were only the beginning of what 2015 will bring in terms of rich insights. Lazy ‘command centres’ driven by lost humans, will be replaced by high precision, fast technology and expert recommendation by domain experts. A combination of listening, asking and rich profiling will come to fore. 


Integration – one experience across devices and across customer life-cycle; integration of information from across crm, retail, social, search, mobile. Non-textual data in form of patterns of clicks, location, personal stats, along with conversations will just be be some data to make sense of. Marketing will be more and more a science. The challenge will be…(the next one says it all)


Simple, real, frequent – Brands will have to simplify their stories to rise above the noise and give customers a platform from which to engage with the brand and associated experiences.


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Mobile, all the way: mContent to mCommerce was the shift that 2014 saw and already 50% of eComm sales are said to be coming from the mobile. Smartphones, internet penetration, payment wallets 2015 might see seamless purchase experience from the mobile and 70% of e-commerce sales will soon come via smartphones, they say. The new wallet is in your pocket.


Move over engagement, customer will be at the heart of product customisation – the era of mass customisation is here, as customers look for personalisation at every level. My signature on everything.


Social is the new oxygen , the primary filter of everything digital – social banking, to the buy button on social networks. Are you liking it baby?

b-on guard

And who will protect your digital mansions? As digital goes mainstream, asset security will become paramount. At risk, the customer and the brand- data theft, identity hijack – 2015 will see the need and creation of newer processes and norms.

Also thanking Anoop, Simeran, Ravi and Manohar for their valuable inputs:

“Brands have to simplify their stories to rise above the noise and give customers a platform from which to engage with the brand and associated experiences.” 

Anoop Prakash, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India

“We all need to think harder. One of the laziest things to do is to cash in on an existing trend and not experiment with something new.” 

Simeran Bhasin, Chief Marketing Officer, Wildcraft

“50% of transactions on our site happen through mobiles today as compared to 10% a year back.”

Ravi Vora, Senior Vice President (Marketing), Flipkart

“Communication will need to be made simple and hard hitting to be able to break through the clutter and appeal straight to the heart of the TG. And it would need to be delivered where he / she would see it the most. This is the crux of good communication.

Manohar Bhat, Vice President (Marketing), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

Want to capture the whole experience? Visit http://2015.blogworks.in - go on, b:refreshed.



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