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In the News 2011: e4m and Deccan Chronicle

Exchange4Media, 8 April 2011

Top 3 mistakes brands make

Rajesh Lalwani, Founder and Principal, Blogworks, said, “They don’t always think about how their social media presence connects with the consumer.” This connection is what provides value to social media in the first place, he added.

Deccan Chronicle, 5 April 2011

The social way to sell

Rajesh Lalwani, of Blogworks, a social media consulting firm, concurs, “There has been a dramatic shift in the dynamics of business, thanks to social media. Now, irrespective of what the brand is claiming about its credentials, the consumer himself can go on a social media platform and share his experiences. There is much more to social media than just generating a buzz. It is also about striking a chord, creating a resonance with stakeholders.”

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