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An Overview of Blog and Social Media Environment in India – updated

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The Study
Across the globe, the blog and social media environment is evolving rapidly and India is no exception to this. The study is an attempt to capture facts, insights, and learnings for the reader to get a sense of what’s happening on the ground.
The Methodology
Three clear ingredients have gone into preparation of this document:
– Primary Qualitative Research conducted among selected thought leaders
– Use of Secondary Research available from a variety of sources – online and through offline reports
– Intuitive insights and learnings of Team Blogworks based on its participatory work in the Blog and Social Media scene in India
Report Document Consists
Facts and Figures
– Internet in India
– India Mobile
– Impact of Social Media – Global and India
– India traffic – blogging sites and social networks
– Comparative features of Indian social networking platforms
– Analysis of mainstream social networking players
– Analysis of popular blogging platforms
Trends and Insights
– Blogging 2.0
– Thought Leader Survey Highlights
– The report is now available for Rs. 5,000/ USD 100, payable in advance.
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