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Mahindra: India rises with Mangalyaan

To build awareness around ISRO’s Mangalyaan, India’s opportunity to be the first Asian country to land on Mars, we created this beautiful infographic and quiz series that helped Mahindra initiate conversations and engagement around the project, and also enabled people to understand the magnitude of the initiative.

Mangalyaan Infographic - website


Questions such as “Only 16 missions to Mars till date have reached the red planet. What according to you could be the single biggest cause for most missions’ failures?” and “Mars has two natural satellites as opposed to the earth’s one – the moon. What are they called?” were asked to build people’s knowledge about Mars and the project, and generated a lot of engagement.

Visit Mahindra Rise’s Facebook page to find out more.

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Allen Solly plays matchmaker with the ColourLab iPad application

To re-instate Allen Solly’s association with colour, and build a niche concept, we conceptualised and created an iPad application that enables users to pick out their favourite garment, and get it dyed the colour of their choice. An extension of the Colour Lab campaign where real people were brought in to represent the face of the brand, this application makes colours the centrepoint.

color lab image

The application allows the consumer to play matchmaker by picking a garment and colour of their choice. The merchandise will then be custom dyed and delivered to the user within 15 days. The application has been installed across 150 stores and on the brand’s e-commerce website,

A tutorial video has also been created that takes users through the process:

Visit Allen Solly’s Facebook or Twitter pages to find out more. Participate in the application fun at

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Sennheiser India’s #SpotThePlot contest

An initiative that was received with great enthusiasm from the community, Sennheiser India’s ‘Spot The Plot’ contest had fans scrambling to guess the source of a variety of sound clips from famous speeches, movies, interviews, concerts and much more.

Interesting prompts made the contest a huge success:

“Her wedding dress was valued at 9000 pounds with a 25 foot train! Listen to her voice and tell us who she is.”

“This unique laugh from a television ad has made many smile. We predict only one person out of three can guess this one. Prove us wrong!”

senn1 senn3 senn2 senn6 senn4 senn5


Check out Sennheiser India’s Facebook page for more details.

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