Not late to enter our 8th – Blogworks completes seven years today.

I had just finished presenting our approach at an important pitch for a global brand day-before yesterday and had now requested the client team to share their feedback. The head of India operations said “We have been meeting other teams who we had invited for the pitch, but this is the first time anyone has shared a presentation capturing Love, Art and Conversations”.  The  Head of Marketing added, “One of your peers who presented last week asked us who else we were meeting and I shared your name. They exchanged looks amongst each-other and said- They are good.” It is comments like these that continue to guide our path.

We have come to be known as the Conversation Specialists, our social story-telling has found resonance with some of the most valuable global brands whom we work with and hope to work with.

conversation specialists



This year, we participated in Industry Awards for the first time and have so far won 10+ awards and certificates of merit between our work on Mahindra – Spark the Rise and Allen Solly, including an e4m IDMA Gold for Integrated work, Gold Sabre, Silver Sabre by Holmes Report, Campaign India silver among others.

We launched two high impact monthly syndicated reports this year:

Both of these have been received very well and are quoted heavily in the media. At least two other industry verticals will follow shortly.  We want these reports and leader-boards to become ‘currency’ in respective industries.

Also on the insights side we took a leap forward with our new ‘go-to-market insights’ offering, helping clients understand the brand, consumers and markets with a combination of listening, asking and rich profiling.

Our presence in Mumbai is opening up new opportunities for us and allowing us easier access to verticals that we have a key interest in and will add to our growth story strongly this year.
We are constantly moving up on the value curve on one hand, and on the other are now providing comprehensive integrated services on social, search and mobile, ranging from strategy, insights to social content and cutting edge social design.

It would be quite safe to say that it’s not  late, to enter our 8th ;).

Let me leave you with some work and ideas from this year.

Harley-Davidson: Freedom Stories

Sennheiser: Momentum Launch

Mahindra – Spark the Rise, Season 2 Grand Finale

Blogworks: Brands for the future

Blogworks: Clean India

Blogworks: Top Gun

Best of 2013: Memories of another fantastic year with team Blogworks :)

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