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Blogworks’ first brand video – helping create brands for the future.

Have gotten together our story, we’ve been working on our first brand video. Here is the final version.

Tell me what you think about this.

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Brandate '07 Tomorrow (UPDATED)


Am speaking at Brandate ’07 in Bangalore tomorrow. See you there?
UPDATE 1 July 2007 – 11.00 am
It has been one of my most adventurous talks yet – night before the talk, my presentation – all done, bar some fine tuning – simply disappeared from my desktop and the pen-drive. A near final version, saved per chance on the notebook rescued me though. Any trip to airports is anyway an adventure by itself now – there were delays both on departure and arrival.
I came back with 2 insights:

  1. India lives in it’s villages airports 🙂
  2. Trees in Bangalore appear to be much bigger than trees in Delhi – weather? likely

Driving towards the event venue, I was engrossed in a conversation with Adarsh from Brand-Comm when I noticed a Rolls-Royce pass us by. A closer look and I saw it was painted red-white with sexy Airtel branding, announcing the launch? of their new mobile store. It was cool I thought and spoke about it at the talk…
The event venue was abuzz with excitement. Anywhere between 120-150 people attended; some interesting presentations; it was interesting to note that MANY presentations before mine had references to blogs, social networks etc; my talk was received well, I hope. Lots of questions ranging from:

  1. How does one validate credibility of a blog before making, say, a purchase decision
  2. How are blogs relevant for, say, internal research
  3. Who is/ should be responsible for blogs – marketing, communication, HR – Sridhar answered this one

I started my talk with the mention of how the game has actually moved way beyond blogs and even within social media tools, the lines are blurring. However we stuck to the agreed ‘Blogs for Marketing’ yesterday and left some actionable points for marketers to consider and the value of a strategic approach – something that we have worked upon as our differentiated Blogworks offering.
I hope more marketers move forward from just talking about blogs, or indulging in tactical initiatives measured by “200 blogs mein hamaara brand mention hona chahiye!” – that’s not measurement; that’s not impact or value for the brand either; and that’s certainly not assignments that we are hoping to bring alive.
Nice weather; was able to catch up with lots of former colleagues, friends; and made new friends – Bangalore was good.

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Promise? Or just a punchline?

I was listening to FM today…

Radio has always thrived on non-traditional & local advertising and one of the prime advertising categories on radio these days, thanks to the continuing boom in the economy, is real estate. There is a constant flurry of ads by builders and land developers, one more obscure than the other, but each claiming to have your and my vishwaas, as if trust was an overnight phenomenon, their right (almost) from the moment these companies were born. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that we haven’t even heard their names before.

However, an appealing ad ‘on air’ for the last couple of days is Bank of India’s new campaign – the voices are engrossed in an engaging conversation that would usually take place between close friends or relatives, except that one of them eventually turns out to be a banker, from Bank of India, bringing cheerful news (about money of course 🙂 ) to an account holder- Rishton ki Jamaa Poonji. I truly hope it is like this at BoI and that is not just a punchline. My own experience with the banks has been very different and I would happily switch to a bank that invests into relationships – am tired of negligent bankers, intrusive tele-sales agents, recorded voices…
It made me think though – when finalising messaging for clients, the biggest challenge is to identify a true differentiator (What’s the offerering? How are we really different? Reasons that the recipient of this information should believe us?). It is an intense exercise and from this is supposed to come the unique promise of a brand. A lot of advertising today seems to just invent a punchline, without much worry about whether the brand really stands for or fulfill the promise?

So just catchy advertising or truly about ‘wealth of relationships’? I will have to open an account to find out! Might just :).


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