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Releasing 'India Social Media Survey Report – Edition 1' in digital format.


The wait is finally over…
We had released the findings of India Social Media Survey Report – Edition 1 in a hard copy format at the India Social Media Summit, end March.
The report, available for sale through exchange4media costs only Rs. 1500/- and consists valuable pieces stories and case-studies (you can send us requests for purchase at socialmediasurvey@blogworks.in and we will forward them to the e4m team).
However, keeping with our promise of sharing knowledge for the benefit of the community and marketers, we are today releasing an online version of the survey findings! 🙂
The Social Media Survey Report- Edition 1 attempts to capture insights and learnings from Corporates and Marketers of India, to get a sense of what’s really happening on the ground in the rapidly evolving social media environment.
Results and analysis will surely help understand how peers, from across India, view social media (SM) impact on marketing & communication. This will allow the industry to benefit from shared insights and make for educated decisions.
The survey , undertaken by us jointly with exchange4media.com in Dec 2008 & Jan 2009, takes a deep dive into questions that matters to all of us:

  1. Does Social Media enjoy credibility?
  2. Does Social Media impact business?
  3. Is Social Media based used as a sales tool? Or as a buzz tool? Or for engagement?
  4. Do you believe that Social Media impacts purchase decisions?
  5. Do marketers understand Social Media?
  6. What about Agencies? Do they?
  7. Are clients spending money on Social Media?
  8. Do they intend to? 🙂
  9. What are the top metrics that marketers believe in, while calculating RoI
  10. And much more…

Find out what our respondents said? Were you one of them? 🙂 Some sample slides are here:

You can download the full report by going here. Hope you find it useful.
Do share your feedback and any errors you might notice, by writing to us at socialmediasurvey@blogworks.in

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Can I trust you!?

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A frantic call from a friend seeking advice on credible blogs/ forums/ community sites where one could source an insider’s view of a future employer led to this post. She was recently offered a plum job in a leading technology company based out of Bangalore. Though the company in question boasts of being amongst the top 10 tech companies in the world, a shadow of doubt has remained over its Human Resource policies- scope for career development, work culture, remuneration, etc. Window dressing attempts by HR further fueled suspicion. She wanted the ‘real picture’ and in this time and era, that’s never too difficult to get.
This is not a case in isolation. The environment today is radically different from what it was, even a year ago. Engagement tactics between employers, employees, customers, investors and dealers have undergone an overhaul. Strict hierarchies, top to down communication, chains of command are passé and have made way for a more open and transparent work culture. Business functions like management, marketing, customer care, HR and Internal communication are heavily interlinked, taking away the silos of before.
The role of Human Resources and Internal communications in this viral environment has undergone a complete overhaul. Business challenges have changed and so have the dynamics of employee retention and engagement. HR is struggling hard to be seen separate from the voice of the boardroom and adopting a culture, more in sync with people. Adoption of Web2.0 tools by existing and prospective employees is on the rise and managers would do well to heed to the trend.

  1. Sites like Vault, Payscale, get strong traction. Employee surveys, salary comparison, growth statistics, company reports – its all there
  2. Blogs; Employees are sharing opinions and experiences via anonymous or public blogs. The Mini Microsoft blog is a fairly formidable force to reckon with. Firms like Nokia, Sun Microsystems, IBM have large number of employees maintaining blogs
  3. Social communities such as Orkut have niche communities discussing companies, their policies, employee experiences etc.
  4. And of course, grapevine sites such as Truemors, Internalmemos, and Twitter could prove to be damaging for an organization, if it is caught on the wrong side of the fence.

These sites indicate the clear demand for third party endorsements, thought to be unbiased and closer to the truth, when making his career choices. People are looking for real stories and are using the Internet to get exactly what they want.


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