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Advertising Age's David Klein on why marketers don't need media, and more thoughts…

I spent a good part of the day at a bunch of exchange4media initiatives, starting with the Pitch CMO Summit , followed by an Impact One-on-one between Advertising Age’s Publishing and Editorial Director David Klein and Madison World‘s Chairman and MD Sam Balsara.
Later in the evening Pitch magazine felicitated 25 top marketers (actually 28) in an award ceremony.
I was able to spend some time with Sam about the social media journey in India. He had some brilliant suggestions but the key takeaway for me was that ‘we’ – active participants in the social media space – are focusing a lot of energy on trying to ‘convert the converted’, whereas the task may lie elsewhere.
I was also able to spend a useful few minutes with David.
Do read the proceedings of the day’s happenings on exchange4media. I am sharing below some extremely valuable assessment/ tips on the digital space (in the US) that David shared with the audience, before the one-on-one.

  1. Marketers as media owners – via the databases, online communities they own, giving them the power/ opportunity to circumvent mainstream media companies
  2. Radical transparency – angry customers can impact brands – we are talking hard hits on stock exchange – case in point the United Breaks Guitars which impacted United Airlines’ stock. Similarly positive impact through customer endorsements
  3. Global Meritocracy – both bad, and, good work will find its way across continents. Cases in point Burger King’s controversial Goddess Lakshmi Ad; Piano Stairs by Volkswagen, respectively
  4. Crowd-sourcing
  5. Social Media and the feedback loop – click here if you are not clear about this
  6. Vendor relationship management – not a big trend yet, but as part of social business, collaborative/ social technologies are bringing many stakeholders together
  7. Location based marketing
  8. The rise of the creative technologist- creative minds who understand/ can leverage technology will be in demand

I agree with David on all counts. What about you?
For those of you who still haven’t seen the Piano Stairs video, here you go 🙂 – enjoy.

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Social Media Marketing Triads – Slide-deck

I just converted my Social Media Marketing Triad post into a slide-deck and put it on Slideshare. Even before I knew what was happening it has found its way to the home page and into featured posts.
Thought I will share it here:

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Love marriage; arranged wedding.

I haven’t yet gotten over the frenzy of last fall – when I got married – and the wedding season is upon us again.
Weddings, are a burgeoning industry in India, with its size estimated to be Rs. 1,90,000 crores according to this story.
Interestingly, even as more and more of our youth marry for love, the Wedding ceremony, and associated celebrations, clearly continue to remain an ‘arranged’ affair – with the bride/ bridegroom managing to influence very little in terms of:

  1. Size of the wedding/ expenses
  2. Guest list
  3. Rituals – compounded in inter-caste and inter-religion weddings
  4. Or even how much make-up/ jewelery the girl should wear

Most relent out of regard for respective families, or give up after early efforts to persuade family elders, frustrated at the sheer futility of it all. A few succeed (then too – mostly – not without experiencing guilt of having ‘denied’ their families the joy of wedding celebrations).
Societal and peer pressure on parents and family plays an important role as ‘size’ (big) gets associated with family status, which no one wants to compromise upon. Even if one side wants to keep it small, there is often resistance and sometimes friction.
The new urban bride too seems hugely pressured by peer behavior to follow the newly romanticized, exaggerated (and regressive) Indian bride’s conduct, as celebrated in the ‘Saas- Bahu’ television soaps that have dominated TV screens for the last few years.
Given that family plays an integral role even for the most modern of Indian youth, the couple often end up in a role-play and heave a sigh of relief when the ceremonies are finally over.
The drama continues for someone else.
Are you getting married this year? Is your Indian wedding fat too? Or on a diet? Is austerity also the flavour of this wedding season ?
Keep writing.

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Deep and wide,versus, just wide!

Since the time, this evening, that news about another business division, of an existing client, confirming business for us reached me, I’ve been thinking about how business has shaped up for us over the last couple of years.
In terms of learning, leading to quality of work and the value delivered to our clients; and in terms of longevity and level of engagement with the client.
The approach has been simple, as I fundamentally believe that:

  1. Deep rivers usually run wide
  2. Width alone is no guarantee for depth

Width is relatively easier to achieve, even water spilled on the floor runs wide, but it doesn’t have depth; depth on the other hand is a function of time and rigour. We prefer the latter.
Our client engagements are deep; as is our focus on building our programmes. Starting with a deep understanding of the client’s business and starting with a clear strategy usually mean that the programme doesn’t run out of breath soon.
And, when clients see rigour and results…referrals and word-of-mouth take over. Very often, customers who work with us/ who have worked with us at any time (or even prospects who simply engaged with us) send more business our way. This works just fine for us 🙂
What do you think? Wide? Or deep and wide?
Keep writing.
Picture courtesy: Khalil Sawant

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