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Mobile Social Networking Asia – share your inputs for talk

I am preparing a talk to deliver at the Mobile Social Networking Asia in HK in a next couple of weeks.

One of the areas my talk will focus upon is learnings that social media marketing on the mobile can take from social media marketing on the web…

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

Then, my talk focuses on factors that marketers consider when going mobile?

In your experience…

  • Is social networking on the mobile similar to social networking on the web? Is it superior? inferior? How can the two link up with each other?
  • How do users respond to marketers on mobile social networking?
  • Is permission marketing on the mobile a possibility? Or are doomed to live with spam? Impacting bonafide engagement
  • Is social networking on the mobile an opportunity for engagement? How?

I am also looking for 1-2 page client case-studies that I could use to present successful initiatives from India and if you have something relevant, high-impact, do mail it to me in ppt format on rajesh.lalwani@blogworks.in

It should be a non banner ad/ sms ad programme driven towards community engagement, insights etc.

Look forward to your thoughts on this.

Keep writing.

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IndiaSocial Case Challenge Winners

I am quite pleased with how IndiaSocial is beginning to shape up.
Over the last couple of months, we’ve managed to get a good structure and some content going on the IndiaSocial Wiki and are hoping to work with students and scholars to make this the most credible resource about India’s social media journey -the work has barely begun…
I am particularly excited about how the IndiaSocial Case Challenge, edition 1 shaped up. Before we launched, we knew that case-studies were tough to get. We heard about great work happening overseas but only cursory knowledge of social media work in india was available – we knew we had to get case-studies going. The case-challenge format was born…
37 entries, for the first attempt wasn’t bad at all.
Yesterday, my colleagues announced the winners – the results threw up some surprise winners. Do check out the case-studies. We plan to share more in days to come.

See who the Winners are!

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Of visualization charts

Yesterday when we announced a small performance bonus for the team, it was another one of the items on my visualization chart, which sits opposite my office desk, coming true. This one reads “Share the Wealth” and even though the amounts involved may not be very big, the first fruit of the tree we planted is nevertheless very special.
The financial year 2009-10 was an exciting one; we started with a few setbacks-thanks to the global slowdown but relentlessly pursued. The year simply put was a test of our determination and we prevailed.
One of our core organisation value has been “One for all; all for one” which technically means “At Scenario everyone helps whoever needs help or support”.
In a new, heart-warming twist to this value, my colleagues when they learned that I am not included in the list of beneficiaries for the performance bonus this year, insisted that I too take a share from the allocated funds. Grateful and honoured, I too am taking a token amount – it’s somewhat similar to currency notes that your family elders give you on a special day and you put aside to cherish, maybe not spend 🙂
In other news I have traveled through March – Mumbai, Bangalore, Mumbai again, and then the shortest possible break in Goa :).
Expect a completely revamped http://blogworks.in and http://blogworks.in/blog in a little over 2 weeks from now -we would be evaluating designs in a week from now.
We’ve made offers to some very cool young professionals – expect them to join mid-April onwards. We might have presence in Bangalore soon…
All good; all fun.

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Blogworks.in revamp – call for proposals

UPDATE: We found the ideal partner for the project and have decided to go ahead with them. Thank you all for the interest show in the project. Some of you have written to me over email and I intend to write back to you over the next couple of days – haven’t been able to do so already as I have been traveling.
Given that our business and offerings have evolved, we are looking at an immediate revamp for both http://blogworks.in and http://blogworks.in/blog.
The task, other than enhancing technology, tools and aesthetics, also involves moving the site/s from Movable Type to WordPress, while keeping the URLs intact.
We are in the process of shortlisting partners for the project and if you are interested in participating, do write in to me at rajesh (dot) lalwani (at) blogworks (dot) in with complete details of your firm, samples of ‘similar’ past works. Ideally we are looking at handing the project over to one team with both design and development capabilities.
Will share a detailed brief once we have evaluated capabilities and past work.

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?????? ????…

“?? ?? character ????????; ?? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ?? – twitter, facebook; ??
????? ????…??? advertising ?????? ???? ??, ?? ???!”

“??? ????? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????! ?? ?? ???? ?? ???!
????? ??????????? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??? ???!”

“?? ??, ?? ?? ???? chakar ?? ???, ?? ???????? ????
??????????? ????? ????? ???? ???? ??? ????? ?? ????!”

And you and I thought social media is about listening to the voice of the customer to resolve their problems, use their input to co-create better products and services…

I am smiling right now, but when I see brand managers speak like this, my heart usually sinks.

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