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Sprituality in abuse.

I was watching the India-Australia quarter-finals of the ICC World Cup 2011 at a lounge bar with a group of friends. Seated not very far was a group of four – 2 young couples who had also come to enjoy the match on the big screen, as everyone else in the bar that evening.

Both the boys seated together on a sofa, across the girls, however, were engrossed with their mobile phones.  The girls kept watching the match, chatted intermittently. Finally however, one of the girls, asked the boys “Why come here if you wanted to be the phone?”.

The boys ignored the question, prompting the girl to share a meaningful smile with the other, accompanied by “#@#*#&e (hindi expletive) hain”. How it was said was priceless.

The other girl laughed. Boys continued…on their phones.

The words seemed mildly inappropriate, coming from a beautiful girl, but brought a brief smile on my face even at that time.The meaning however is deeper.

Things that we were meant to enjoy go wasted, as we busy ourselves with nonsense.

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