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Urban youth – insights from a recent interaction.

I recently interviewed my young niece, a typical urban teenager. These are some insight I was able to draw:

  1. Spends 30 mins on the Internet each day.
  2. Facebook rules; game has shifted from Orkut – why? Orkut is ‘local’.
  3. Gets Rs. 1000 as pocket money/ month; buys own Metro tickets.
  4. But mom recharges the mobile (yes, every teenager has a mobile of own).
  5. Her phone is her phone, only see sees her messages.
  6. Given that messages cost the same as a call, both share equal proportion of spends.
  7. Café Coffee Day is favourite hang-out place; Mocha is cool; Pizza Hut is visited often.
  8. Visits to these places take place as a group – boys and girls go together.
  9. Boys mostly have cars.
  10. Cars are often pooled, as its more fun that way.
  11. Most girls have boyfriends.
  12. Career is primary focus, lots of time is spent studying.
  13. While she is in school, there are 3-4 day coaching classes to prepare for admission into MBBS.
  14. Travels over 20 kms in Metro to attend these.
  15. Music is on Ipod, some on the mobile too, but Ipod is preferred as it’s a focused device.
  16. Shahrukh’s Don is the only Don she knows; THIS is the original – she hasn’t seen the one starring Amitabh and therefore doesn’t matter.
  17. Hrithik looks good, Shahrukh is ok, so is Amitabh, so is Salman.
  18. Deepika Padukone looks desi, Priyanka Chopra is cool, Rani acts well.
  19. Look conscious – eats very carefully – wants fat-free curd.
  20. Family is still very-very important.
  21. Parents are parents, but sense of ‘fear’ that earlier generations faced is gone.
  22. Corrects dad if feels doesn’t agree with attitude/ behavior.
  23. Mom is a friend.

She clearly knows her mind. Is this just my niece?
Urban teenagers are now clearly ‘people’ and not accessories to their parents. They have a life of their own, a mind too.
Careers are however still influenced by parents in big way – maybe because it is they who primarily fund it still?

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