Top Gun!

For many of my generation, Top Gun remains THE cult movie – fighter pilots, good looking guys and girls, winners, the best-of-the best.  I visualised the same when I first conceived Blogworks – the best-of-the-best in our profession, coming together, getting better each day; knowledge and learning at the very center of our journey.

So, Top Gun, as the gamified knowledge and learnings programme happened quite naturally. However, it took a fair amount of effort to see that all team members got a fair opportunity to win points, badges and be celebrated, within, and, outside of the organisation.

From Top Gun Metal, to eventually becoming a Top Gun Instructor  the programme rewards proactive action in acquiring, contributing to and sharing of knowledge (informal and formal), while penalising inaction. Every step forward in our journey towards learning and knowledge adds to points, and no steps forward, are considered a step backwards.

Here’s a video that give you a glimpse. Tell me what you think :)

Since the site is behind a wall, here is a glimpse into the leaderboard and Top Gun badges. Do you have it in you? ;)

leaderboard screenshot

badges screenshot

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