We are 9 today and it’s time to b:refreshed.

It’s Christmas, 2006. I have spent the night sitting up on my bed, working alongside my developer (he’s located in Goa), finalising the www.blogworks.in website. We need to go live tomorrow as our ‘Blog the Talk’ collaborative series of chats with experts goes live on the site and hits the stand simultaneously in Impact magazine – a first (blogs weren’t considered credible by mainstream media back then).

Today as I punch this post, news breaks on Twitter first; storytelling, big data, UX/ UI, native apps, mCommerce are common marketing parlance. Digital is mainstream; social media is new oxygen; real-realtime is no longer just a grand statement but an everyday reality; but also from an engagement medium digital is fast becoming reach led; one-to-one conversations have already given way to conversations driven by share-worthy content/ initiatives.

2014 was a year of dramatic change, again. We reconfigured ourselves from a strategy and insights led firm to becoming an integrated offering with design, content creatively packaging our business impact led foundation.

The Blogworks Most Mentioned Political Leaders Report that we brought out for an astounding ‘13 months’, in the run-up to #Election2014, became THE most followed report-card around social conversations on the subject – 187 political leaders; over 31 million conversations tracked; segmented by themes; 13 months, featuring 18 months of political conversations; nearly 45 days of near real-time daily dashboards. Back-breaking, but worth every moment.

The Blogworks IndiaAuto Social Index became the currency leaderboard for the auto industry in the four-wheeler segment we tracked.

We are nine today and it’s time to b:refreshed.

Today, brands are looking at digital to drive marketing innovation and that’s what we are going to deliver. As conversation specialists we’re engaging consumers through brilliant stories powered by digital technologies. Our rich insights and effective strategies have helped our global clients keep their digital, social and mobile programmes and campaigns sharply focused on business outcomes. It’s all going to be about digital innovation.

With digital innovation in our heart, we are creating brands of the future.

The making of brilliant brand campaigns, and we say ‘Amen’ to that.

Let’s kickstart 2015 by taking a peek into 11 tips that will help you win digital in 2015.

  1. b shareworthy
  2. b real
  3. b iterative
  4. b the futurist
  5. b in control
  6. b one
  7. b simple
  8. b mobile
  9. b personal
  10. b social
  11. b on guard

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